Toa Laeru

Came up with this MOC idea a while back and recently got a part haul. Finally got around to building Toa Laeru, the first MOC I've put on here.

Overall I wanted sort of a lightweight and fast kind of vibe. I used Hordika legs which I filled the gaps in with some Technic parts and Borok eyes and standard upper legs that I didn't really know what to do with.

His body is standard Piraka torso build because I couldn't come up with a custom torso that I liked.
Laeru's arms are Metru legs with some more Technic pieces and Borok eyes giving them more detail and the armor piece introduced with '07 Matoro. His head is just a Metru head with the Kanohi Mahiki.
For his weapons I wanted something unique and martial arts based. I did a bit of research and came across a weapon not commonly seen in Bionicle MOCs; the tonfa. I used some Borok teeth and the knife/spear pieces from '07 and played around with the design until I found something I liked and worked well with Laeru. The Lego cone on the end is there to represent thrusters for when he's flying and to match up with his eyes.

As I said above his tonfas could be used as a booster or thruster pack, allowing him to glide and travel short distances. They can be attached via handle into some open axles on the backs of his arms.

I'm able to get some good poses out of him, and the tonfas are really neat to pose with too.

Here I have him crouched down.

And here I have him in a typical tonfa ready stance.

And a pose I came up with for fun.

Hope you guys liked him, and if anybody has any ideas on how to improve him, constructive criticism is always appreciated.


Honestly, for such a simple build, I like him.
He'd fit right in with a vehicle set.


Eh nothing really bad about this MOC, but it's just an Inika so it's just an aright MOC.

But hey that's just an opinion, my opinion. :smile_cat:

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Thank you. I have considered making some kind of vehicle to go along with him.

@Darth.Ben.Ben Yeah I know. I'm not the greatest when it comes to custom builds and I'm more comfortable with adding things onto the Ignika build. Thanks though.

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For an Inika build, it's an effective one.

Looks cool.

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you could try and make a flying vehicle in the shape of his weapons

That's a good idea. It would be a nice challenge to try and get the shaping of the vehicle to match the weapons.

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I've been trying to make a MOC with tonfas for a while and I can never get a design I like but you pulled off the tonfa look perfectly. Nice work!

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Thank you!