Toa Lhikan (Support for France)

This is something I posted to Instagram in November of 2015, days after the people of Paris felt terror like never before. I’ve been informed that the post is too religious, so go check it out on Instagram :grinning:


I feel like this is something out of Reviving Bionicle.


Nice shield mod.


Hm- I can kinda see that :joy: and I’ll take that as a massive compliment :sweat_smile: @OraNui

Thank you! @21sselliW

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I personally don’t see how supporting the citizens of a country is considered religious. You should be fine posting it here, I think! Nice picture!

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Because when I have to edit out a segment addressing an entire religion, it starts to get a bit religious.


Here or on instagram?

@ShadowDestroyer Ah, sorry, I meant the text beneath the photo is too religious (my apologies to @eljay for not leaving context)

@sealman133 the full (too religious) post is on Instagram :grinning:

I do not have an instagram…

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Ah alright. Makes sense. :+1: