Toa Mahanu

This is the Toa evolution of the Ta-Matoran I posted the other day- I’d like to fix the Mata Red pieces on the back, any suggestions? He can use his elemental fire to power the jetpack on his back, and the stabilizers/weapons on his hands or shoulders, and on his shoulders are some spotlights. Let me know if you like him!

The transparent colors are meant to represent Port and Starboard Lights on a plane- but I didn’t like the trans-green so I opted for blue :sweat_smile:


Pretty good, but suffers from monkey arm syndrome.


He needs a longer torso, and the yellow is a bit weird (looks like it’s his skeleton).
Otherwise, he’s pretty cool and unique.

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wee woo wee woo :ambulance: :airplane_departure:

An interesting build, but the placement from the upper torso armor, weapons, and decal is somewhat jarring-
It does have good coverage tho.

@BBricks @square @Charassy yeah his arms are a little long, I think I will rebuild his torso taller