Toa Mahri Canister Backs

Does anyone here have images or the capacity to acquire images of the back of the Toa Mahri canisters? I ask because they’re the one type of canister I don’t still have due to their unique blister-style of packaging (I learned from my mistake and held onto the Avtoran/Agori the next two years). I can’t seem to locate any particularly good quality images on the web either.

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I found these pictures online. I don’t know if they’ll be useful for whatever you want to do.

(Oh so that’s what you’re supposed to do with the big plastic frame)


I’m hoping to get a closer look at the renders of the turrets in the upper right. Whether or not the toa are still depicted with both hands, which hand is missing, etc. Hopefully I can zoom on these enough to get the answer.

It looks to me that they all have at least their left hand missing (That hand piece is used to hold the cordak blaster) . The right hand is completely blocked by the blaster.

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I don’t have a built Mahri or the full packaging but this looks fairly close I think

Possibly remove a hand and use a spare pin to attach it.

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I managed to track down the image of Hahli too. Weirdly, she seems to have a lime green hand in her turret render, but the Matoro above looks to be a black hand (which, y’know, he doesn’t have).

Here’s a close-up from my Jaller’s packaging. It seems you remove his left hand and plug it in with the studded axle used to hold his chain.


Interesting. That implies the rest aren’t using any pins, but rather pure axles as well. That makes more sense too, since at least most of the Mahri only had the neck pin.


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