Toa Mahri Hahli revamp

Lol, it's a mix between the Inika & Mahri versions of this awesome character. smiley I'm actually quite proud of how it came out. stuck_out_tongue

Turnaround (Pardon the crappy quality, it's just that the video got a bit squashed when it was turned into a gif. XD):

Edit, I've taken some better pics and altered the waist:

This MOC also has light-up eyes! :3


Her waist is a bit too thin for me. Perhaps thicken it up, and make more of a curvature around the waist, to make her look more feminine.

I keep trying to, but it's really hard to work around that with my limited piece count. XD I (regrettably) sold most of my parts quite a while ago, so it makes MOCing rather difficult. :/

When BIONICLE comes back in 2015, perhaps you can get more pieces to MOC again. smiley

Yes!! XD That's one of the most exciting bits about it, more unique bits for MOCing. smiley

Pretty good!

I wish the lighting was better, but from what I've seen it looks great smile

Thanks! smiley Yeah, one of the lights on my fan went out . stuck_out_tongue That paired with the light outside kinda screwed it up. XD

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K, just made a new waist piece, what do you think?

Just uploaded some pics with better lighting. smiley

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It's better. Never been a fan of thin wastes like that, but hey, if it's your style, I'm cool with that.

Wow, nice blend!
Very good smile

Why thank you. :3 I appreciate the kind words. smiley

Lol, neither have I. stuck_out_tongue

I really like it, the only problem is her torso is a bit too tall for her legs which gives a stalky appearance. But other than that, I think it's great

I love the wings!

Nice MOC, in my opinion the torso is a bit thin though. I'd add some pieces around it to bulk it up a bit.