Toa Mahri Hahli Revamp!

Here i present to you :
Toa Mahri Hahli Revamped
This one took about 5 hours to make and i ended up staying up untill 3 am making it :laughing:. Below you will find Pictures and tell me what you think of it.

size compared to Tahu

The back

Hahli Without any Weapons

Close up

before you say that there is too much lime in the legs , hahli has special flipper things. thanks for looking at my moc

Feel free to tell me what you think !


staying up til 3am was definitely worth it cuz holy moly this is really cool


Interesting idea of having the lime represent moss covering the lower portion of the legs…could flow better though, like have some lime vines sticking out from the blue thighs


Mmm. Needs better distribution of the lime and dark blue. Also, you should probably get rid of those extra 3 shades of blue as well


Looks great! I think there should be some Metru Blue somewhere in the lower legs, like how you placed some lime green as accents for the torso. Really good!

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The feet on the arms look a bit off, but other than that it’s amazing!

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HOLY GADUNKA! dats good

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The torso is great but the legs have just too much lime green. You should also make them mostly metru blue because otherwise it looks very weird.

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Interesting choice with the lime green. I can see what you were going for, but I think it’d be cool to somehow make it more of a gradient and then add some more lime in the upper half of her. The azure on her back and the gunmetal on the chest feel out of place, though. I also like the wings. Although I think you should also throw in her original weapons too, or maybe revamp those. The staff is cool, but it feels to Gali-ish and small for her.

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Sick moc, bruh.

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i might be making some adjustments and i will be posting them here and i will try and find some lime green pieces to add to balance it out and i will see how i can revamp her original weapons .

Looks pretty sweet. I think you should break up that huge chunk of lime in the legs and change the lower arms, but otherwise I really like this.

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Don’t know why, but I love it! Sure it’s a little messy, but I like the colors and the overall look. Great job.

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