Toa mahri redesigns

In this topic I will be posting my interpretations of the toa mahri

Warning: Most of them will be built using the inika build.

Jaller mahri:

Nuparu mahri(Excuse some of the bad possing, I really didnt know how to pose a guy with a shield)

If someone wants more pictures just ask


Those look really awesome :smiley:


I personally like Nuparu’s real shield better, but this one looks pretty good.

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I know, I just used lhikans swords because I lost one of nuparu`s shield-piece

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They seem…really, really basic. Not particularly a bad thing, but some custom torsos would work wonders.


I think I forgot to say that these guys are experiments to see if I can make something good-looking out of a basic build, also to see if the wonky inika proportions could be turned into much more pleasant proportiom, it is also kind of hard to make custom torsos without running out of technic parts and pins

Okay nuparu’s shield is a really cool trick!