Toa Mangai designs

Here we have two sketches I did,
Tahu Lhikan and Lewa Nidhiki!
I was going for a WW2 asthetic as for some reason I felt that was good for the Toa/Dark Hunter war? (Idk).


Nice aesthetic.

I can kinda picture the WW2 vibe working. Good choice making Nidhiki an aerial ace, too, it really fits with the look of his mask.

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Lhikan’s neck is too long and I don’t like the first names. I do like the WW2 idea, it definitely works.

Yeah, the neck is too long, I’m gonna redraw these anyway

These are great. Nice job

Pretty cool, but Lhikan’s neck is a tad long.

My redraw of Lhikan is done! Will post as soon as I can