Toa Mangai (Ver. Panem)


At long last I’ve completed the team, all 11. These are the legends that protected Metru-Nui in the days of old.

The Dragon Slayers:

  • Tiro: Loyal and wise, he wields the Kanohi Rode, mask of truth.
  • Mafa: Eccentric and tactical, he wields the Mask of Conjuring and led the other 3 mangai of ice before they joined Lhikan.
  • Kumu: Valiant and stubborn, he wields the Calix, mask of fate.
  • Hura: Curious and sincere, he wields the Kaukau, mask of water breathing.
  • Naho: Kind and spirited, she wields the Huna, mask of invisibility.
  • Kanae: Gentle and studious, he wields the Mask of Healing.
  • Motara: Inventive and boisterous, he wield the Miru, mask of levitation.
  • Dume: Turaga of the city, he oversees city of Metru-nui and wields the Kanohi Kiril, mask of regeneration.
  • Nihu: Creative and sociable, he wields the Kakama, mask of speed.
  • Tuyet: Ambitious and bold, she wields the Mask of Intangibilty.
  • Lhikan: Noble and brave, he wields the Hau, mask of shielding, and leads the Toa Mangai.
  • Nidhiki: Cunning and prideful, he wields the Volitak, mask of stealth.

It feels like a milestone in my building journey to have a moc for every one of the Mangai. It’s taken the better part of two years to rebuild, revamp, and find just the parts I wanted to make them feel like the real deal to me. Each of them has been a joy to build, and now I can’t wait to see what inspiration strikes me for the next project.


A Toa wearing the Kraahkan? Well, this just got interesting.



@Toa-Panem I know how tough it is coming up with unique designs for this many Toa, so really good job.


That’s the workaround I gotta use if I want to stay “Legal” :sweat_smile:, I would like to get 3d prints and paint them someday though