Toa Masters LED Photoshoot

<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/f/c/fcc5fd5ac35719d28cc4dcdc51196fc686ef2725.JPG" width=“666” height=“500”

Because of my Stop Motion series CHRONICLE, I wanted to put LEDs into the characters heads to achieve realistic and natural lighting. They looked so good I decided to take photos of them and post them here. Gali is not included because I ran out of the brighter LEDs.


WOW that’s really amazing

Where exactly are the LEDs?

The lights are in their heads and the battery is hidden behind their chest

How did you do this?

dude, these are so freakin’ cool

I’d recommend a slightly lower voltage so the eyes have a more subtle glow, it looks like their heads are going nuclear.


It’s a pretty neat effect, but I’d recommend adding paper or something under the mask to limit light bleeding.


Looks pretty awesome! I’d recommend What Joe said, with the paper, though.

@MaximusPrime I might post photos and a diagram later.

They actually aren’t as bright in person or even in daylight. But my camera makes them look brighter. Hopefully when I get my stop motion camera over I can ajust the settings. I also can’t just change the voltage as most of it is permanent.


Although I have a question, where’s Gali?

It’s so bright!

Read the description below the photos.

Interesting how the light strongly shines through solid plastic in dim light

But that’s why you put some paper under it or something to keep it from bleeding through the mask.

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I actually kinda like when it bleeds through the mask. In daylight it’s almost unnoticeable and I think in the dark it has a nice effect. If it’s too dark than it becomes hard to notice and
Seems kinda pointless.

I might add paper to Pohatu and Kopaka though if it seems necessary in the scene.

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That looks awesome dude! Maybe you could do a tutorial on how to put them in?

I might but it involves a lot of wirework, soldering, and hard to find parts (as in wire parts not BIONICLE)