Toa Mata as turaga

I don't know why, but seeing the Toa Mata as turaga makes me sad

Credit to FlamedramonX20 on Deviantart


At least Onua has an epic back scratcher now.


I don't think they ever could be Turaga. First off, they're job (to awaken Mata-Nui if he ever falls asleep) is repeating, as he could fall asleep many times, but also because they were never Matoran. They were built by Aratakha as Toa immediately.


They ain't going out like that, surely.. stuck_out_tongue

Kopaka said he could become a Turaga in "Powers that Be"

Mata Nui is no longer a Giant Robot. His destiny has been fullfilled, and he resides in the Mask now as a Spirit.

I'd say that there's no chance of the Mata needing to fulfill their destiny again, as such, with that, as well as the evidence @Makuta_Verakion gave, I think the possibility of them becoming Turaga is very much reasonable.

Well, regardless of whether they could or couldn't become Turaga, these pictures are pretty good interpretations of what they could look like.

I really like how the 2008 masks were used, but I wish that they had a little bit more of the 2001 mask style mixed in with it.

Gali is the best interpretation of what I'm talking about.

Tahu looks too much like 2001, while Pohatu, Kopaka, Onua and Lewa look to much like 2008.

These are good. Did you draw them yourself?

Edit: Nyran has some pretty good points


Pohatu, Lewa, and Kopaka are all wearing the correct mask. Those are the Noble versions of the Kakama, Miru, and Akaku. It's confirmed.


Amazing artwork, but it's technically not canon. If the Toa Nuva ever become Turaga, they will be Turaga Nuva, with Noble Kanohi Nuva.

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I love this. We just had a discussion on if the Toa Nuva could become Turaga in TTV Episode 112, so it's interesting to see some of those points brought up here, but I just love the art style and the look to each of these characters. They still retain the Turaga look while being instantly recognizable.


Eh, it's the best we've got. Personally, I suspect they'd just get the normal Kanohi. I feel like their powers are as far above normal Toa as Toa are above Turaga.

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Pretty cool! I like the use of the actual Nobel versions of their masks.

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You're right in the fact that they're the best stuck_out_tongue
Seriously, this is some beastly awesome work.

Then, crytell, who did?

It would be good to credit the artist, if you're gonna share their works. -_-


They're by FlamedramonX20 on Deviantart. I've seen his Mata Turaga fan art before.


What if Mata Nui gets tired? VERY tired?

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please leave credit to the person who made these
it not nice to not leave credit where credits due

Lewa actually looks like he's wise... ~Pyrox

Great artwork but I don't think I don't think Kopaka, Pohatu Mask and Staff would look like that along with Lewa and Onua mask. Also I don't think we will see the Mata become Turaga yet.

Actually, Lewa, Kopaka, and Pohatu's masks WOULD all look like that. It's Canon.

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