Toa Mata minifig masks

I posted these on Facebook the other day, but thought I should share them here as well. Prototypes of the Toa Mata masks for Bionicle minifigures. These turned out a little too big, so I’ll reprint them tomorrow. Printed on an Anycubic Photon Mono with Anycubic plantbased resin. Minifigs are placeholders to show the masks.


These are really impressive, although the Pakari and Miru seem slightly out of scale with the rest of the masks. Still, these are amazing. Great work!


Thanks! I plan to work more on them before I call them done. Especialy the Pakari and Kakama, as they still look a little weird. I think the Miru will look better when I get the scale right.


The kakama is a bit wide.

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the akaku is pretty much perfect

excellent work


The kakama and pakari seem iffy, but the rest are great!

@Ghid must be happy his Akaku turned out to be a masterpiece


Yeah! Or it’s a little flat. It has to have different porportions than the original mask, but I think it will look less flat if i just work with it a bit more.

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I have a fdm printer if you’d like to see how they print on these, if you don’t, thats fine, great models though!

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I also have a FDM printer, but I’m not going to test these on it as it is not as accurate as I would like it to be. But when they’re done I’ll make them available in some way, so most likley you should be able to get the files to print yourself if you want.

ok, Looking forward to it!

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Cool, how do they attach to the minifigs head?


The future is now!
I look forward to seeing the final results! Will they be free to print?

Ghid minifigure Ghid minifigure

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At the moment they connect to the stud, so they are basicly helmets. I want to do a mask system, as the vahi and the kranas will be hard to connect this way, but that will require that I make a modified head, so I thought it was better to just start with this.

@Axelford Thanks! Haven’t decided yet if I should give them for free or sell them. Lets see when they are done. But the files will be available in some way.