Toa Mata outdoor photos

after having painted my shapeways Makoki stones, i desited to take take photoes of the toa mata and their Makoki stone outside.

the paint used was metalic Copper, because the store i bought it in did not have brown spray paint

the first one is of Onua, however because of the cold weather here, the images ended looking a bit more somber and cold in tone, so i thus desited to alter the image and make it look warmer, so il show you all both images and you can tell me which one you like the most.

you may also give some personal advice to improve future photoes if you feel that i could improve on them.

unalterd Onua photo

Alterd Onua photo

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it looks like he’s in a giant taco…


Yeah the normal/un-altered imagine is better.

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I kind of like the altered pic. It’s very colorful. Gives it an other worldly look/feel.


Nice. Very nice.

A really long awaited revival of this topic, sorry that it took me this long to take the photo and post it, but it took a while to get snow here, and even then i ended up being to lazy to get over and take the photo when it was snow outside.

but now i finely got a move on and did it:

just four more photoes to go.