Toa Mata: Redux

Hello everyone on the Boards!

It’s been almost a full year since I’ve made a MOC. I decided to change that.

I took a look at the Toa Mata Revamps on my shelf. Almost three years ago, these guys were my pride and joy, one of my biggest and most successful projects. But when I looked at them I couldn’t help but cringe. Why was Tahu so short? Why did Onua need a rubber band to hold him together? Why does Pohatu still not have proper leg armor? I knew I could do better…

And do better I have.

I present to you my Toa Mata Redux!

This project of mine started with Tahu and fixing his shortness with a better torso. Everything else stemmed from there.

His back is still my least favorite thing, but it’s certainly better than it used to be,

Tahu’s new torso became the base for everyone else’s. I was super happy that I was able to fit the gears into the construction.

Old Tahu.

At first I wasn’t going to fix Onua, but his torso was so awful I just had to. He turned out to be one of my favorites.

His gears are black because I ran out of light gray ones…

I wish I could have done the shoulders better, but I didn’t want to waste ball joints.

His arms are horrible too, but at least this go-around he has elbows.

His legs are my personal favorite of all the Toa. I wish I could replicate them to the others.

Old Onua.

Kopaka was one of the most fun to fix. His old torso was horribly blocky.

I had to finally disassemble my 2008 Takanuva to get those white Bohrok eyes.

His back is neat, I feel. I should mention I wish his arms were a tad shorter.

Old Kopaka.

My personal favorite of them all, Pohatu.

Pohatu was the trickiest of them all to get right. Not only was I working with a very limited supply of his primary colors, but I also had to fit him to look similar to the other Toa’s style.

In the end, I was able to decently cover him up with enough brown and tan and I went with an upright body rather than his normal shape.

My girlfriend also helped me build this guy… :stuck_out_tongue:

Old Pohatu.

Lewa was second to get done.

His torso.

The back. I didn’t have many Mata green pieces to work with for this. Also, he ended up being the tallest of the bunch because I kept his original legs.

Old Lewa.

And finally, Gali.

Gali’s old body was probably the worst of the old Mata-vamps. I’m happy to say her new one is one of the better ones!

Again, a limited supply of Mata blue, but it worked out really well!

A little close up of the arm. Again, I didn’t want to use too many ball joints, so I ended up building the arm with socket joints. It turned out well for connecting her hooks.

Old Gali.

Well, that’s the end of it! I had so much fun fixing these guys to my current level of MOCing! I didn’t want to show anything until I had them all done, I just got slapped in the face with the building spirit!

Thanks to anyone who read all of that! Have a cookie! :cookie:

Remember: Never settle until it’s your best!

As always,
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Well, definitely an improvement to the originals, although there’s still a ways to go. I especially like the shaping on Tahu and Gali.

Keep up the good work!


The building gives them each individuality

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I think these are pretty good. Though Onua is a bit too thin, and Pohatu’s torso is upside down.

These are super cool. Favorites are Tahu and Gali. I wish had them all standing on my detolf shelves right now!

I love all of these, but Kopaka, Lewa and Pohatu are my favourites.

Do you even read bro

Actually I usually don’t.

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All of these are very impressive. I think Onua could use some tweaking to the proportions to better recreate his hunched stature. My favorite is Pohatu.


Thank you, I did try to make them as different as I could while still being the same style of torso base!

Well, to be fair, the actual Onua Mata set is pretty thin too! And believe me, I tried a properly oriented Pohatu torso. It didn’t work.


Wow, really? Thank you so much! They are pretty neat to look at, especially since they aren’t eye sores for me anymore.

Pohatu is mine! Thank you!

[quote=“Rocka99, post:9, topic:41378”][quote=“Bloodarchmage, post:8, topic:41378”]
My girlfriend also helped me build this guy… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Onua could use some tweaking to the proportions to better recreate his hunched stature. My favorite is Pohatu.

I could try, but I personally think it looks okay. Any shorter of a neck and he wouldn’t be able to turn his head very well!

And likewise! Many thanks!

Thanks everyone!

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i don’t have one :frowning: (a girlfriend)

These builds are extremely good! So much so that I want to replicate them and put them on my shelf. You are very talented!

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