Toa Mata Revamps By Toa Aveex

So I'm A big Fan of The Toa Mata and Just happen to have A 6 Original Kanohi,So I said to myself"Its Time for an Aveex twist on the Original 6 Toa!"

So here it Is Toa Mata revamped by Toa_Aveex

Toa Tahu

Toa Kopaka

Toa Lewa

Toa Pohatu

Toa Gali

Toa Onua

Team Shots

Size Comparisons

This is all I Have for today hope you all like it


alright mocs....

I think it's time I introduce you to the wonderful thing that is Imgur.

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the shape of the torso really ruins these for me.

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1: they remind me of CallonLoF's mata Mocs.
2: I like the custom heads.
3: not a big fan of the trains green on Lewa.
4: Pohatu is a bit too blocky.

Other wise a great job.


My inspiration Actually came from CallonLoF


I figured that was the case.

I really like how you put the mix for 2001 toa mata and 2015. Nice moc!

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