Toa Mata [ToaCreator 2D]

First, let me show you our beloved Toa Mata before explaining what is so special about those drawings.


So why am I showing some boring Toa Mata in 2D? I worked for several days now on something, which let’s you customize your own Toa in a digital form through Paint:NET, Gimp, Adobe PS, etc: I made a collection of arm, leg, and mask pieces to create your own Toa. But I’m not finished yet, a lot of pieces are still missing. But here you can see how it looks like:

This folder contains 4 arm pieces, which can be copied and then pasted on your editing software, like this

You can then, after assembling the Toa, colorize him/her like you want.

But due to TTV policies, I can’t publish this in TTV forums: The only thing I could do, is paste a link in one of my next artworks, which will include a page with .zip download and detailed description on how to assemble one.

Tell me what you think of this idea: Hope to gain some support :wink:


RIP. The feet are wrong.