Toa Mata various masks

So I've got question.
How did Mata masks get on Mata Nui?
Toa could be summoned anywhere else so why were various masks on Mata Nui?
Why the heck they got here? (masks)

The Toa Metru Hordika(Nokama specifically) took them from the great temple to be used by the New Toa hypothetically formed via their Toa Stones.

As it happened, though, they ended up being found by the Mata.


Weren't they teleported from Artakha? I know the Nuva masks were.

How did she know thet they would have Hau, Akaku, Miru, Pakari, Kakama and Kaukau?
I know it's speculative

Well, she was a school teacher as a Matoran...

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Those were the masks at the temple.

As were her and her companions' Noble Mask versions.

Keep in Mind that these masks, so far as I know, were colorless(silver/grey) in-story until being put on for the first time.

Basically, it's a really big coincidence.


There were legends of the Toa Mata, weren't there, that included the Masks they wore? The Toa stones were a failsafe in case the Toa Mata failed to arrive. I mean, what if the Toa Mata had somehow landed on Voya Nui.

This might be the case too, though. Maybe they just scattered a five sets of masks.

Well, Vakama was a mask maker....


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The Bionicle: World book I have said something about Artahka.

I somehow get the feeling that it has something to do with the Turaga....

Reviving topics FTW!

I think that when the Toa Mata arrived, the masks just appeared through something. Just sayin'.

The Toa were floating in the sea near island for XY years... I don't think that they just appeared.
Also, G2 has kinda same issue although we do not know anything about Toa origins. What we know is that to had their mask when they arrived, but Ekimu somehow knew what mask they'll have and created same mold ones but in gold... Oh. what a coincidence!

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