Toa Matoro

Matoro in a Toa form more akin to his Matoran varient.

[details=Inspirations]MNOG Matoro
I tried to capture the personality of Matoro from MNOG, especially with the colors and accessory. And making the flag wasn’t an easy task…

Also, the lower legs are heavily inspired by a design of Alieraah’s, from her Meskii (V3) MOC.[/details]


Nice moc
The color scheme really fits in the older Matoro

RIP matoroo!

Looks awesome!

It’s nice to see the sand blue CCBS armor being put to use more.

This is an overall great recreation of Matoro first Toa form. The limp yet sturdy stature perfectly fits Matoro’s character as someone who isn’t quite secure with their role.

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All jokes aside, excellent moc. The shaping is pretty good as well. The only thing I don’t like is the pickaxe.

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I love the callback to his look in MNOG.
The design itself looks awesome.

This is excellent. I love the sand blue CCBS parts.


I really love the design, and your interpretation of a Mctoran Styled Toa Matoro, however, I am not a fan on the pieces being used for the pick. I personally think it looks kind of odd. Another personal nitpick is the red eyes, since I feel it contrasts a little too much. Besides that, I love this moc. Great work!


It looks soo Amazing especially how spot on the color scheme that you gave it looks.

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I appreciate the addition of the flag.

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I like it a lot!
Colour scheme is faithful, and the flag and pickaxe are a nice touch.
My question being, will you do the other Inika/Mahri like this?
If so, what will the other weapons be?

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I dig it! I really wish his Inika and Mahri forms had maintained the sand blue, so this is really nice to see.


This is amazing. That torso build looks great too.

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Thanks for the feedback guys!

@TheMightyObsidianDude I’m not sure yet, if it’s what you guys want, then maybe…it would be a fun project.

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I would be all for it personally, especially having a more visual look of Nuparu and his engineer side, like maybe a Exo-Toa that doesn’t neuter his powers? Or any other number of unique and powerful weapons he could build for himself and the others.


Great Moc good colors but it just looks like a tall version of himself

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That’s sort of the point.

When a Matoran becomes a Toa they typically look like a taller stronger version of their Matoran form, even their initial Toa tools can be created from what they were holding at the time.

This is most obviously apparent with the Toa Metru, as they are one of the few shown from Matoran to Toa in the conventional way.


That flag detail is dank af.


I thought they were supposed to look like what they thought toa looked like. As in Takua when he became Takanuva

Yeah but he still would resemble his matoran form.

Besides, where would be the fun in just doing a Nuva build?

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