Toa Metru (Nuju & Whenua, Matau)

One of the main reasons I really enjoy the 2004/5 story is because it’s pretty much a superhero story. Think about it- six uplifting citizens are gifted with extraordinary powers in their time of need, so they can save their city from an impending doom. With this in mind, I decided to draw some Metru. Nuju & Whenua have a great dynamic, with one looking to the future, while the other looks to the past.

Yeah, they got shoes because my interpretation of these guys are that they’re just wearing armour. Obviously they couldn’t afford armour shoes or something. I also did a Matau (does anyone else see the goggles/eyewear in his mask?):


Looks good. As someone who is inept at any legitimate artistry, I have a deep respect for any that can draw. I especially like Matau, and how you were able to integrate the face and mask so dynamically. Also, the scarf is a great addition. :slight_smile:

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these are pretty neat
I enjoy how unique they look as well

but I would more call it a Sci-Fi Visor (similar to what Lucio and Solider 76 has, or the Scouter from DBZ)
since when I think goggles I normally see them cover the eyes entirely

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Something seems up with Matau. Are his eyes red from lack of sleep?

Maybe he crashed into one too many stone pillars (lol LOMN reference)
or maybe it’s just his visor.

Most likely it’s just my terrible colour judgment :wink:

Didn’t the set have red eyes to begin with, though?

that too :sweat_smile: