Toa Metru

The Toa Metru

i have to say, even tho these are not my favorite toa team, they were extremely fun to do, especially the clothes because i could go full metru-nui cyberpunk blade runner city look.
hope you enjoy it amigos

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It looks Like it has some Minor Inspiration from Paragon

im sorry but i never heard of that

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The new game from Epic games

Amazing work, as always.
Is what I might say if I wanted to be boring, intead have this.

When I read this, I worried.
However, it was false worry...

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Clothes? Why clothes? Ah well, I suppose they dont ruin anything. I like the regular verson better. I dont mean that any of it is bad, just personal preference, its absolutely gorgeus.


I like the clothes version better.

Although the purpose of Matau's leg things is unknown to me.


Really good job on these, they have a lot of character.

Love the style that transferred over from the G2 Toa!

Wow, Onewa is freaking huge! :smile:

Also, nice choice on clothing, they look really awesome!

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I love Nuju's futuristic lab coat

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interesting takes as always m80

matau's face XD

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and now clothes need to be canon

/calmly fangirls over cat

Love Whenua's moustache. Nokama's thighs seem a bit off to me, but I guess it's your art style.


I wonder how weird this will sound..
I think Nokama's upper thighs look a little too thick. Other then that this all looks really cool.

Somehow Nuju reminds me of Sherlock... Awesome :smirk: