Toa Mikaza V4

Mikaza's the Toa of fire. So that's cool :no_good:
Her shoulder pads are removable. ye

The Voritxx chick is Gukara

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This is really nice, I especially like the shoulder armour and how it moves out the way. Good job :+1:

That's one nice-looking torso build.

I like the arm design, but the legs really mess up the overall appearance of the MOC and looks unfinished.

the white parts on her shoulder pads look kinda out of place,otherwise this is a great moc

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Removable armor is always cool.

I like the but which set came with a red miru?

Not getting a fire vibe despite the red color scheme tbh, the silver isn't too distracting and the system curveage on the torso is excellent.
However the back seems abit bare and the knee looks bad when bent.

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Not too sure how I feel about how blocky the shoulders are in comparison to the more curvaceous look, but she otherwise looks solid.

Really like the look. The build is nice too.

There were i think polly bags that had all the masks in alternative colors

Double joints look bad in general when bent.

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Not quite sure what to think about the white studs on the chest, but I like the MOC. Takes advantage of common techniques, which I like to see.