Toa Miru Sucks

How did this roped-in revolutionary become a Toa? How will he use his unknown power? Will he save Metru Nui and the Matoran Universe as a whole after the Great Cataclysm or break it even more? Is Makuta Teridax dead? Was he even Turaga Dume at all? What options do the other endings give him? Armed with an Amana Volo sphere, his prized scam disk, and a transformed hammer with the power to refine rocks, two things are certain: he considers the Miru a dumb mask, and the ruined City of Legends now has abundant amounts of uncut rock and scrap metal lying around…

I’ve had this build ready since being inspired by TTV’s Bionic Recur Unit showcase video and saved it until the conclusion of Metru Nui Online Game. This figure can be built in real life minus the zamor and kanoka.


Don’t translucent blue Zamor Spheres exist?


Now we need to see Toa Roadkill

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Truly a masterpiece, a marvel of creativity.

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Not gonna lie, I first read the title as “Toa Miru Socks” and briefly got excited. For what, I don’t know. Either way, I like the… uh… bib… thing…? And the transformed hammer (with the power of a regular hammer). =P

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