toa mistika/phantoka with nuva masks

i have long maintained that i didnt like how often the toa and other characters changed looks. i know the reason and its to sell new sets but from a storytelling standpoint, having them always change looks was kinda jarring and makes it hard to connect or relate to them; i mean back in the day when these sets came out i had no idea they were emant to be the mata/nuva because of how different they looked. And bionicle is def not the only series to do this too. so i always thought the toa mistika/phantoka should have kept their nuva masks. now i could be wrong about that working but was hoping some members could upload some cool pics of these sets with the nuva masks to see how they look and if it would have worked.


It’s not exactly what you’re looking for but you may appreciate these- Tahu Nuva Mistika Revamp - Bionicle-Based Creations - BZPower

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Look nice but the hyper complexity is a bit too jarring for me.

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I don’t have the sets, so I did some renders:

Not too bad in my opinion


They look pretty good, though some of the masks seem a little small (which makes sense, since they were designed for figures half the size).

Tahu and Pohatu look fine, though.

(Onua’s red shield is also a nice touch)


I think the idea of mask is you can change it at will. So you will when presented with opportunity.

yes, thank you, those do look amazing like i thought. the nuva masks work fine and dont look too big due to the larger bodies. this would have been a perfect look and they would not have looked off. wish this is what we got from the sets


Here are some renders showcasing some masks designed by Galva, which sort of bridge the gap between the 2008 and 2001/2002 masks, and few mods (some of which were inspired by @CalamitousT 's versions of the characters)


those masks are at least a bit less jarring(i still find the “ears” on gali’s mask ridiculous)