Toa Mokuta ( Toa Team MOC ) Part II

Hello! This is the second part of my Toa Team Moc. I recommend you take a look at this Link
( ), It's the first part of the Team and also has the Introduction. And now, without much further ado, the last three!

Son of the Gale, Toa of Air, Aurem

Lancerqueen, Toa of Water, Cevis

Eternal Knight, Toa of Earth, Duras


The MOCs themselves are a bit basic, but I must say those weapons look really cool.

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Well, They aren't terrible, just some handy dandy inika builds. Not a fan of Duras' mask, however.

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The other Option for him was the Skrall Stronius Mask... but I think that would've looked a bit awkard


It would probably fit in better because it might blend in more compared to the hordika masks.

Thank you! I tried to do what i could with the parts i had, the weapons cost me some of the most thought in those guys :smiley:

I really like Duras, but I have Kanohi Avohkii bias.

Duras is without a doubt my favorite. His mask works well and he's cohesive.
They're all a bit basic, but that's alright.

I like Duras, but it is kind of hard to see his shield, so could you mabye take a picture of the shield facing the camera (and maybe Cevis as well, but you don't have to do her)

Duras front to see the shield :smiley:

Inika builds to their full potential. GG m8