Toa Mokuta ( Toa Team MOC )

Good Day dear TTV Message Board Users! This is my first ever Submission of a Bionicle Moc an i hope you will like it! Due to a Part shortage, this Moc or these mocs are pretty simple, but i tried to keep them as unique as possible, while retaining the feel of them being a team. I hope you’ll enjoy them!
( Due to me being a new user, I will create two posts since i can only upload 3 Pics per post, I’ll be linking the other post here! )

Bladelord, Toa of Fire, Bayaran

Mountainspawn, Toa of Stone, Evayur

Noble Brute, Toa of Ice, Fayhem


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As for the MoCs themselves, there’s not too much here, considering they’re Inika builds, but they’re decent for what they are.


The team name sounds a bit like Makuta.

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I did not notice that until now, yea, it does kind of sound a bit like it

Nice inika builds man. Really like the weapons

They look very interesting. For me, the best would have to be Evayur

The funny thing is, Evayur used to be the worst one until i reworked him all over "^-^)

I like the angle of the kakama mask.

Very nice! I used to have a Toa Team of my own, but scrapped them for parts. Nicely done for inika builds, not much to say here.

They are allso pirak and makuta builds!

Piraka and Makuta builds aren’t all that different from your average Inika build. MoCcists generally put them in the same category.

But still difrent torso builds because the makuta build has that ribcage piece

im really liking the weapons ! nice