Toa Moltor, Toa of Fire

Moltor is a Toa of Fire (and one of the best Mocs that I have built.)


very nice.How’d you get the Metru chest piece to fit on that leg piece? I tried to do that but it wouldn’t fit.

@Matoro I used two black pegs to connect the silver piece to the Vahki leg. Now all I need to do is find a way to fix the blue peg problem xD

Daw, he’s so short…

Looks pretty nice, if a bit simplistic. Good color scheme is good.



Here is what you need:

  • 4 black pins
  • 2 Vahki legs
  • 2 Metru chest pieces.
    Now stick it together. :wink:

Sad to say that I had to sacrifice the leg armor when I rebuilt Toa Kongu Mahri :frowning:

If Moltor didn’t have enough armor before, he has more than enough armor now. He is also a Glatorian instead of a Toa.

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I see a lot of Malum, with the Trinuma head design…

I think the use of too much of Malum’s pieces in ways they were used previously on the official set.

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yeah. Honestly the first version looks a lot better in terms of uniqueness.

I just can’t stop updating him… And, well… This happened…

Oh boy. Welp, here we go.

As he is now, he looks cluttered, and unfocused. It seems as though the silver was just sorta slapped on, with no care taken as to how to integrate it with the existing Red and keetorange.

The head is just a mess. It didn’t look good with Sidorak, and it doesn’t look good here.

Using already established masks is not a bad thing. However, giving the old Hau Nuva the Trinuma horns just made it look to close to, well, Trinuma. I cannot see the back, but based on all the blades I see here, he looks completely cluttered in this iteration.

The use of Mutran’s claw design doesn’t help matters, looking, once again, oversized and out of place. If he was meant to be a monstrous character, I suppose it’d make sense, but the rest of him looks completely normal and humanoid at the core body.

Also, the Gali Nuva axes just look weird here.

Overall, I’d say it needs work. If you have any questions regarding my comments, or whatever, feel free to ask.

I mean no insult to you by giving this criticism, I just wanna see you improve, y’know?

I’m still trying to think of a better foot design. I also forgot to mention that the character has been… changed.

His name is Moltarix. He terrorizes the new Matoran and Agori settlements on Spherus Magna. He is a monster, with the ability to control fire. He took down an entire Toa team single handedly. Even the Skrall fear him. Only one Toa has a chance of stopping him. The Toa’s name is…

Omega Tahu.

Honestly, if I knew how to (and had the parts to) remake him as a titan, I would.

Well, first off, “even the Skrall fear him” ain’t too big a deal since they disbanded after the defeat of Tuma anyway.

Uh, like I said, if you’re gonna go for a more monstrous vibe, but you still wanna keep him bipedal, you should work on changing the overall shape of his torso, and legs.

As for a good, monstrous looking foot design, I recommend maybe this, this, and this. with the inika foot on top, and the piraka foot on bottom, connected with that adapter.

Also, the monstrous characterization does not really mean that he has to have blades facing every which way, cluttering up the design. blades as armor or decoration can be done well, and made to look cool. However, there needs to be focus, so to speak.

Even official lego set designers have some sense of this.

Look at Ignika. Not his board, just him. Notice how the shape of the Nuparu armor flows with the Rahkshi leg? Or how the Mahri blades on his shoulders match the silhouette of his shoulder pads, in how they curve. Finding matching angles and stuff like that is key to keeping a MOC from becoming cluttered and messy looking.

Sorry for long rant and stuff, I just wanna help out and stuff. Hope I’m not coming off as a complete tool >.<

The problem for me is a lack of necessary parts. I have only one Piraka foot…

So, no comment then on any of my other critiques/tips, then? -_-

I’m trying to think of a new head design… If I had a spare Vakama Hordika head, I could try something with that…