Toa names in matoran language?

I know, you can’t confirm new names, but since these aren’t any new names:

Can you confirm, that Toa Mata’s names are fire, water, earth, stone, air and ice? Because, y’know prefixes fit and it would make sense, because for example: they’re reffered as Spirits of element, like Lewa - Spirit of Air, while they were toa Nuva not Mata (which is spirit I think) and no other toa are reffered as such. And if so, could you also confirm names of Kanohi of these elements, like Gali - Mask of Water just to make everything certain?


Unfortunately, there is nothing in any of the story bibles that states that is what the names mean. It’s a logical inference, though. As for the masks, I am not sure what you are asking there – Gali doesn’t wear a Mask of Water, etc.


I meant that Kanohi are named after, what they mean in Matoran language.

Except that makes no sense.

It’s irrelevant to name a mask the Mask of Fire if it’s not fire-related whatsoever, and actually is a Mask of Shielding. Likewise a Mask that lets you see through objects is not the Mask of Ice, a Mask that makes you stronger is not the Mask of Earth, and a Mask that lets you move super fast is not the Mask of Stone.


I believe he is referring to the elemental masks made from Toa Disks, not the Mata masks.

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If so, I’d like to see the word “Kanoka” or “Disk” at least once there.

EDIT: I should also note the Toa Mata were a backup plan for the Matoran universe. Considering that, why would the Matoran names of the elements not get assigned to any other being prior to them? It’s far likelier that Helryx means Water, not Gali.


Personally I’d go with most of what Tolkien/OutOfGloom has come up with along with the fan community in his Matoran language project. I also wish it would be made canon, when it is finally finished. Because it’s so well put together, well thought out, and makes so much sense. And also fit so extremely well with canon.

It shows that he is someone with a PhD linguistically when he can derive so much data from from such little linguistical info, from the few tidbits we’ve seen in the story.


I think the Toa Mata might have been the first Toa Team designed, if not the first ones ever built, and were used as a base model for the rest. Helryx was the first made, but since she was the first Toa ever, it would make more sense for her name to mean ‘first’ or ‘progenitor’ or something rather than just ‘water’ as she was not made as part of a Toa Team


I think it’s also worth noting that the beginning of each of the Toa Mata’s names are prefixes that indicate association with each of their elements (Ga-Koro is the water village, Ga-Metru is the water city district, and so on). Given that, it doesn’t seem much of a stretch to think that their full names are the nouns for each element.


Is there a link to that?

Pretty much all the relevant stuff is the first searches you get from typing “matoran language dictionary” into google :stuck_out_tongue:



Here is a text on the Toa Mata’s names specificailly. Though some of this may be somewhat out of date, as there has been a second edition dictionary, and a third edition system and dictionary exists too, but Outofgloom hasn’t released it yet.