Toa Narmoto MOC

Here is my interpretation if the protector of fire (Narmoto) had one been a Toa (turaga style theory coming into play). I improved the DREADED weapons and decided to keep him pretty short so he was different to the Toa that came… FROM A DIFFERENT WORLD. So… here he is.



Posing again (From a different angle)

Posing yet again (From yet another angle (Behold the many angles!))

The DREADED weapon

Torso with no armor (Showing custom build (extra points!))

Better photo of torso with no armor (Yes, those are my fingers)

Feel free to criticize and stuff.


Nice. The colors are decent and the weapons are an interesting design. Although the custom build is really more of a backpack than a torso and the upper arms look underarmored.

Interesting MOC, particularly the torso design and the weapons

Torso looks pretty interesting, but the MOC is kinda…meh.

It’s a little cluttered looking and everywhere, and bare chest is off.

Maybe work something new on the torso.

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