Toa Never Die with a Mercy on the Team!


(Not sure what the general attitude towards LDD mocs (particularly not rendered) is, but I’m doing whatever feels natural.)

Holy Crap! I’m back from the dead! Certainly thanks to this neat little LEGOVERWATCH hero by the name o’ Mercy! Not much else to say, except that the wings and staff aren’t a 1:1 from the game/concept art just because of the parts available.

Is the need satisfied @prpldragon?


This lego version is very well done. The head and hair along with the wings really seal the deal!

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It looks very nice and really looks like the videogame version! However that orange robe could use some flat tiles, the studs detract from the model.


I couldn’t even tell the first picture was LDD at a glance.


I thought about it, but that would make that part too thick for my tastes. I see what you’re saying though.

I think the studs add character, I’ve always liked it when system MOCs have a “studdy” look. I dunno, maybe I’m just old-fashioned. I think the legs are a little wide, considering Mercy’s robe and leggings are very slim in-game. I like the healing staff a lot, but I think, just maybe, it’d be cool to see her Caudecus Blaster as well.

Good MOC, it’s a nice design.

I’ll only be satisfied when someone makes a Pharah, but I do still really love this! Mercy’s wings are really cool.



Just dang.

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Most impressive.
(This is really good, man)

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Seriously, this is one great system MOC.

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So, so, majestically angelic! I love this thing!

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That is pretty cool!

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That’s rather clever. love the wings.

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