Toa Nidhiki of Tuyet’s regime

From his earliest days, Nidhiki always had a problem with trust. He knew well to be wary of the Makuta as they near lorded over his home village in the northern continent, eventually retreating from matoran society to pursue his own personal freedom. He did become a Toa and join the Mangai, at first seeking the excitement of fighting in the big city and the glory that came with it. But, over time, he came to grow close to two of his teammates. Lhikan and Tuyet, both mighty warriors in their own right as he, were of steadfast loyalty, saving his life on the rare occasion as he did for them. Nidhiki grew a rivalry with Tuyet, as she wasn’t one for jokes or tricks but respected his cunning. He in turn saw her as rather stuck up where Lhikan was simply straight-laced, but respected her prowess and cool head. They understood that sometimes the ends would justify the means…

As when came the great betrayal. When Lhikan confronted Tuyet over her murdering of Matoran and possession of the Nui-stone, Nidhiki would betray Lhikan. The leader of the Mangai would then perish at his and Tuyet’s hands, a secret they would share for the rest of their lives, and one that would drive Nidhiki into further isolation.

Nidhiki would be the fiercest fighting Toa in the Darkhunter war. While Tuyet took command of general matters, eventually orchestrating the death of Turaga Dum as well, Nidhiki fought in denial of what he was and what he’d done. He did find the glory he’d originally desired, but it all rang hollow for the Toa of air. But who could he ever trust now? The other Mangai? Most of them would perish in the war. Tuyet? She cared not for his personal plight, and threatened to place all the blame on him if he ever turned against her or told their great secret. But Nidhiki could easily weigh the same threats against Tuyet, so the two remained “close” under their understanding of mutually assured destruction.

Thus it was. Nidhiki, the champion of Metru-nui, general of the Metru air-force, he stood alone and cut off. He reveled in respect he garnered from matoran, and took pleasure in the thrill of battle. For in those moments where he fought and faced death, he could forget the weight of his actions upon his heart.

With his shoulder mounted high-impact pressure canons, he could blast holes through rock and rupture the insides of opponents, though he much preferred getting close with his air scythe, jumping out of the stealth field provided by his Kanohi Volitak.
This build is mostly the same as last time, I just figured out a different build for his scythe.


ooo i love the shoulders!


nice story telling and nice weapons


Love those little swords sticking out of the back….

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Looking pretty good. Very nice Nidhiki moc, the scythe and armor are cool and that lore is really nice to read through. Overall great job :wink:

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nice additions, really digging the swords on his back


The Miru actually feels perfect for Nidhiki’s character.