Toa Nidhiki, reptile of the Tren Krom Peninsula


I. A survival keepsake from his time living in the Tren Krom peninsula, Nidhiki’s half-cloak was tattered from constant combat. It served as additional camouflage when his mask was not in use.

II. Proud spaulders protect the thin frame of a toa in his prime “His emerald armor was scarred and pitted from countless battles.” (Birth of a Dark Hunter, Greg Farshty)

III. Amber eye color —a trait more commonly seen in toa of pure elements—water and light. In this toa it represents the reptilian side of the mind.

IV. Great mask of stealth adorned with silver “respirators” as a tribute to its aquatic version

V. Air Scythe — a tool that reflects a brutal wielder.

VI. A warrior from a foreign land — his proportions differ from his crimson brother yet appear very similar in height, shoulder, and weapon length.

A little tribute to the original set:

Lhikan/aquatic Volitak comparison:

Sneaking with his tomahawk

Mushroom hunting

I went with a different theme for his toa form, giving him the same shaping from his insectoid form never made much sense to me.


Well done! This is amazing! How did you make that torso?

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Great MOC! Well balanced and love the use of the Matau heads for shoulder armor!


ah this looks good!
i love the torso!


Here’s a breakdown


Thank you!