Toa Nisgi, master of jungle (nisgi 5.0)

Yes, I know, I have a moc topic
But I felt this was necessary of its own topic, as this is my fifth version of my self moc
And my favourite

Critique everyone
(first pic is non adren mode, I am not really sure if I like it, but whatever)



Cool it's using my 2nd/3rd favorite mask too!

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That's pretty cool!

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Very nice. Like the use of the leaf-piece as chest armor.

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I love this mocs body design so much. The overall look is so amazing and boss. One thing you might want to change is the white armor piece to part of the colour scheme. Great job, I love your moc.

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First pic is blurry, might want to remove that.

MOC is okay, not spectacular. The random placement of white spikes doesn't really cut it for me, but I guess you have a reason for it. The color scheme is a bit off, particularly with the trans neon green, white armor plate, yellow handle in the sword, and old silver waist.

its not that blurry, its easy to make out whats going on

You assume I am trying to make it the best moc in existence, or good
its just how I want it to be, simplistic

dont see how its random, they are used on the body, legs, and arms

the trans neon green was placeholder
White armour plate isnt that out of place
yellow handle on the shield is fair enough
old silver is nothing I can change, I will see what I can do to fix it
plus, doesnt break the colour scheme up that much

It could use a blunt mate.

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