Toa Nokama Revamp

I thought I might show everyone a creation I made a while back. This is a more detailed version of Nokama Metru. It has much heavier legs with Inika feet (because they sort of look webbed, and she is the Toa of water) and retains the iconic shoulder armor as well as the ability to have the hydro blades on her back.


odd proportions.. try making the arms thicker(?), they don't match up with the body or legs. Otherwise, neat!


Really awesome job! :smiley:


are Gali Nuva's tools; Nokama Metru's tools are hydro blades.

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Epic Nokama revamp! Also yeah, the aqua axes are something related to gali nuva and aqua hooks are Gali um um what ever the first series was called

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the Mata


Thank you I knew it began with an "M"

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Anything with finger articulation gets an A in my books.

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I would say make the torso a bit taller and the lower arms thicker.

But otherwise, this is a really nifty build!

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Pretty sweet, I really like it. But make the feet smaller, they're a bit large for the metru frame

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Legs are a little too thick and the arms are too small
But overall it's amazing!

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I always love revamps, but I feel as though the proportions off this one are a bit off. The bell-bottom legs are part of the problem. If you ever feel like doing a V2, try looking at male/female drawing reference charts. =)

Personally, the arms are a bit thin and the legs are a bit thick and some parts of the MOC are rather gappy. In order to conquer some of these flaws, I'd recommend using a few system pieces and simply use the original forearms, just add a few extra parts.

The idea is that the original Toa Nokama did not have a feminine stylized body as opposed to her fellow Toa from that year, so the thicker legs are a resemblance to what any other Toa Metru would have.

As for the arms, I think I have found a way to add thickness.

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@Alex_Twenty_Two, sorry, I didn't realise you were trying to replicate the original Metru aesthetic.

Love the greebling, good photography too (though it could be a bit brighter).

Everything looks good, and flows relatively well, except for the lower arms, they look like bones. beefing them up just a little bit would help the build look more natural I think.

I really like this design-I wonder how the rest of the Toa Metru would look with this design.

I like Toa Metru revamps and this MOC is kinda cool. But legs are too thick and arms are too slim. Also, these feet are too large for her, standard Metru feet would be better

this looks cool, and you definitely get points for revamping my second favorite bionicle of all time (Vakama being the first, and they are both favorite for sentimental reasons). but I tried to make a MOC using the Metru shoulder armor and failed. I can see that Nokama has Humerus articulation. The solution I came up with is illegal, though, so you did better than me there... otherwise, this really looks like a Toa Metru.

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The body and legs look pretty good but the body and arms are too short (plus the arm are really ugly looking). I think it would look better with longer and a bit more bulk on the lower arm and body.