Toa Nui (Alternate designs)

On a whim, I posted my Toa Nui on BZpower to see how well it would be received. Ironically, instead of commenting on my creation, members proceeded to argue on who’s Toa Nui was the best. The most amusing part was when someone posted another of my creations claiming it was the best, without any idea that I was the creator of both. Their argument was cut short by a administrator reminding them to only comment of the featured creation. After that there were no more comments.

The one good thing that came out of this was I learned about a a Toa Nui design I had never seen before. I got inspired by this design to make more Toa Nui.

After I saw it I had to make my own version. (Which is shown below.) The one catch is that my design uses more pieces than are provided in the Toa Mata set.

Inspired, I made 7 more versions of the Toa Nui. (All of these versions are limited to the pieces provided in the Toa Mata sets.) For image gallery and building instructions, click on the image

Toa Nui (Pohatu)

Toa Nui (Gai)

Toa Nui (Kopaka)

Toa Nui (Tahu)

Toa Nui (Onua)

Toa Nui (Base Design)

Toa Nui (Onua 2nd Version)

Now I'm opening it up to everyone. Post your own version of the Toa Nui. Feel free to use my designs, I want to you want you come up with.


I really like that one you got inspiration to accomplish it with. It looks really cool.

Of the others restricted to Mata Parts, I think either Onua the Second or Gali's are my favorite iterations of the limited part versions.

Onua for the epic giant hands, and Gali for not having the Kaita Curse of awkward curved out legs.


That last one is really neat.

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Dem big-'ole hands.

I would love to see them, but the images aren't working for me.

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Here's the link to them:

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I like the first design (white Miru - Lewa, I guess) and the second Onua design.


I could look at these forever.

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Punch off! Right now! Lets go!


it's a giant combiner odel, that's so clever

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