Toa Nui (the fusion of all six Toa)

Tell me, have you ever thought about working for toy company you (probably) like the most? If yes then i will tell you something. You are realy creative person that should think abot that. You combined our favourite bionicle sets ever created into the thing which looks as real combiner. I want to see more of those combiners (turaga kaita mabey wink ).


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But I want a job there more. wink

We will see wink

Or both of us could work for LEGO in the future. That would be cool.

Team for new series, with story line, in "lego system" line of lego toys that will be as loved as bionicle series!

whatever, eaven if it will happen it will take long time.

Ironically, I have worked in a toy store stocking shelves. I didn't have the opportunity to work with the toys, but I would love to. So yes, I would love to work for a Toy company.

I am working on several more Kaitas. I am almost done with my revision of the Toa Nuva Kaita, and will post MOCs when they are done. I haven't considered the Turaga Kaita, but I'll look into it.


Here is my pathetic attempt to combine all six of the Toa Mata's weapons into one. Not entirely sure what it is. It looks like some sort of "Voo-Doo" staff to me.

And here's a wacky Turaga to go with it.

Also, can anyone think up a good name for the Toa Nui. We have Wairuha (The Spirit of Wisdom) and Akamai (The Spirit of Valor), so what do you think the Toa Nui's name and title is. I've thought his title might be "The Spirit of Faith" or "The Spirit of Unity".

I thought of "The Spirit of Faith" because of this quote from Tahu in MNOG: "Where Wisdom and Valor fail, all that remains is Faith. And it can overcome all." And I thought of "The Spirit of Unity" because all six Toa are now united in one form.


"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again," said someone I'm too lazy to look up right now. Here is a much better attempt to combine all six weapons of the Toa Mata into one. Once again, pieces were only used from the Toa Mata set.

I call it "The Staff of Protodermis" or "The Staff of Sealing". It has the power to shoot a beam of energy and create a "Toa Seal". The Toa Seal of the Toa Nui can only be unlocked if the individual in question knows what six elements were used to make the Toa Seal

I'm not sure I like using the black as my base color and can't decide whether to change it or not. The torso and feet can be replaced with any of the main colors of the Toa Mata: Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Black, or White. (Although, I've always thought of the white version as the "Paladin Version".) Sadly, I don't have pictures for all these different color variations at this time.

Also, I had to cannibalize some of the pieces of the Toa Nui to make the staff, so if you make the staff you can't quite make the Toa Nui in all it's glory. However, the Staff of Protodermis will return when I make my "Omega Toa Nui".


Here's the staff in "Paladin Mode".

And for anyone who doesn't already know, I finished the Omega Toa Nui


Wow... this is epic. Nice job with the MOC.

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@BlackIronAlchemist Thank you.

Also, here's the images of what the different colored staffs look like:

This first one is a gif.

I think I like the white version the most. What color do you like?

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I honestly don't know. I'm having some issues at the moment...

The has been the best and intresting Moc i have seen in a while.

@Das101fulYT It's been a while since anyone commented. Thank you for reviving it. smile

Guess I should up date:

Since I made this first attempt I've made 8 more versions of the Toa Nui. I didn't feel the need to try to improve the original weapons so these have alternate weapons. Click here to read full description and comment.


open_mouth wow thank you for sharing this. The Mocs look great! Seroisly. I wish I had those colored kanohi masks;)

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