Toa Nui - The fusion of six Toa

Done for the weekly challenge 21 over at

So this one was REALLY fun but also very difficult to pull off.
I tried merging all six masks of the Toa Mata together, which didnt turn out half bad. The Toa itself is supposed to be so powerful that it doesnt need toa tools to channel its energy, it has six arms literally made out of the elements themselves.
so without any more talking, here it is.

I chose not to give the character itself any colors, to bring focus to the arms and mask, but also because having six colors on one character is just ugly.

so tell me, what do you think? leave constructive criticism below if you want to!


That really cool! Though not very Bionicle-y, it's still amazing! GG

The green lines on the Earth Arm is a nice homage to MNOG.

Also a good way of distinguishing it from the stone arm.

But yeah, dig the ring behind the head. Very divine in terms of like, evoking imagery, but nicely contrasted with the arms sprouting from it, keeping it mechanical

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The disk is very much like a Kanoka disk.

Very nice.

Its an intriguing art style, would like to see more of it. Getting a 'Fantastic Four vibe' from the arms. If anything this drawing has convinced me I need to see your versions of the Fantastic Four... :3

The mask is an impressive combination of the Toa's masks, specifically can notice elements of Kopaka, Pohatu, Tahu and Onua. I'd be interested to see a whole Toa done with that sort of 'combined aspects' idea.

In terms of my fairly minor nit-picks, I must note that while I feel the endo-skeleton design works giving a 'super hero' vibe, I cant help shake the feeling that it needs an armoured version.

I am really loving the look of the Arm of Air, and the Arm of Earth. Pretty great.

Overall, this is a really cool piece of art, and the character design is nicely done. I do take issue with how the thigh armor sticks out so much, it makes the legs seem unnecessarily thick, especially compared to the rest of the body.

GG mate, GG.

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Much impress....much impress....

would be nice for the eyes to have a visor over them, though, to emulate Gali's mask

Gali's mask is emulated via the triangular mouthpiece.

The eyes are Akaku and Miru, so I think they work out fine,

I like what you did with mixing masks and with a disk, it's cool!
It's also nice that some actual sets parts are recognizable here.

Oh man this is truly beautifull


All I can say is handsome

That's actually what I think a Toa Nui would look like, aside from the arms though stuck_out_tongue

Someone should make a MOC of this.

Interesting Idea

that's kinda scary, but it looks great


I'm in the process of making one right now

Inquiry: Why did you choose to model the mask off Kopaka's?

The mask features traits and attributes of all six.

Kopaka's scope just happens to be the most notable.

Ohhh, I see it now. Thanks!

This looks amazing as F! Great work!