Toa Nui

Hi guys another lore question... Is Toa Nui (combo of all six toa) canon? If he is why he was never created by Toa?


I think no, i don't find it on any of the wikis.

I red somewhere that Greg confirmed it...

Yeah, Toa Nui is canon I believe, but it hasn't been formed by any known Toa team. IT requires a massive amount of energy to even form Kaita, so Toa Nui is like... yeah.


By the way he reminds me of Megazord from Power Rangers series smiley

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reminds me more of a transformers combiner, as it's 6 smaller "robots" turning into a bigger "robot".


I have ordered all six Toa Mata and they would arrive in the first half of this week so I'm gonna propably build him and use devastator as inspiration smiley

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someone used mata torsos as shins in one of their mocs(forget which one sadly) but thats a good place to start, be careful with the ball joints, my gali-nuva's feet cracked recently.

I planned to start with mata bodies as shins before but I looked for that MOC and I like it wink

Quite a few people do that.

Interesting.... I found only this one:

I tried to find more similar MOCs but I didn't found any..

If you're referring to Toa Nui MOCs in particular then that may be the only one. I'm referring to MOCs in general.

Sorry I didn't get that...
By the way they still didn't arrive. But I'm gonna be patient cuz I got them for only 30€

Like Devastator.

Looks like I wasn't the first one who thought that.

Both the metrutoran and a group of Matatoran were able to form a Matoran Nui, although with great difficulty...but it was possible. Since Matoran are weaker, why shouldn't the stronger Toa be able to do so?

That makes alot of sense actually.

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