Toa Nuva, Adaptive Armor(Default)

I posted these on reddit last year when I created them, but this was another Toa Nuva project I created I was fairly proud of. The pics are old, and the sets are currently stashed in the Mid-West, but if I may present…

The Toa Nuva, Adaptive Armor(Default)

Tahu Mistika. I think I flipped his forearms upside down which look a lot better than they do in this pic.

Onua Mistika. Aside from his shoulder armor Onua is mostly unpainted. Which, for my MOC’s, is kind of unusual as you may have noticed lol.

Gali Mistika. I went a bit ham with this silver paint but hot diggity does the Metru torso look amazing in it.

Pohatu Phantoka. This one was a popular one, and I feel like one of the pioneers of the upside down Metru torso. I know I’m not, but let me have this. Also that orange paint *chef’s kiss.

Lewa Phantoka. He went thru a couple different versions, including a Mistika version.

Kopaka Phantoka. The ONLY figure that has ZERO painted pieces. Except the shield. I painted it silver.

we stan a group shot.

Kopaka’s painted Shield.

Lewa Mistika. I dug the idea, and the dark green was cool, but when I was designing Pohatu and Kopaka I realized I wanted to maintain the official set appearance and went with the lime/grey combo. Below is the concepts for Kopaka and Pohatu, which is what pushed me to go all out on the paint.

My goal when I designed these was to find a balance between aesthetics and set marketability. I wanted these to look like they could be the natural canister evolution of the Toa Nuva in 2008, and since I am lowkey one of the people that love the Metru builds, I wanted that to be the unifying body type. Don’t get me wrong I do find clone sets boring for sure. And I know the Metru build is the subject of some controversial opinions. But I like em. To each their own.


Aside from the constant non-purism, these look pretty good. I like how united they look in the group photos.


oh I’m a purist’s nightmare lol when I get a 3D printer it’ll be game over


There are a lot of painted pieces, but they all look great so it’s not so bad.

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What about the other versions. Like space. Can we see what the nova would look like

If we do see them, it’s unlikely to be from me haha, sorry. I love creating the Nuva in different forms but space has no interest to me. Maybe that’s something you can explore? I’d love to see it!