Toa Nuva (Adaptive Armor)

This is an artistic interpretation on how the Toa Nuva might look in the normal versions of their adaptive armor given to them by Artakha. All the Toa Nuva, including Takanuva, use a design that is 100% my own. These were just fun interpretations I made when I originally made Takanuva first.
The versions of these characters also have a role in the prologue of my Bionicle fan story Darkness Falls.


Wow! Very nice MOCs! I love their overall build!

Ah yes CatGirl Gali

Kinda weird to me that they all have the exact same build, especially given that once we see them in the adaptive armor they all look different. That said, it’s a pretty nice build, so can’t complain too much.


They’re all pretty great!

Well, all but Gali.

Very nice, also I look forward to “Darkness Falls”


I can’t say I’m a fan of the masks used, but I also can’t fault you for that, really. The build is quite good. Gali’s hooks could stand to be a bit larger, though.

Dont do this to Gali :weary:

Too late

I have never been particularly impressed by any Stud Io MOCs I have seen posted around here, becase most of them seem quite oversimplified, but those ones actually look pretty good, and have a decently complex build that would also look good in real life. Nice work!

My favourite Toa: Slav Onua

(edit: I don’t know how to reply to a picture)