Toa Nuva Pohatu 2008 FIXED

I HATED the 2008 Pohatu, and being my favourite of the Toa Nuva, I have always wanted to fix him.

I believe I have done it, and perfected it.

Link to full gallery:

It has the look and size of 2002 Pohatu, but with the tools of, and as poseable as, 2008 Pohatu. The creation itself is based off of the fantastic work of ToaTiome on Deviantart. (Link to inspiration:

What do you guys think? Does it look like Pohatu?


Saw this early today on B-shelf, nice job. As big a fan of orange as I am, I never really liked Pohatu Phan...I mean Toa Vahi, as i've always associated him with Brown and Tan. This is a much more faithful representation, and looks great!



Yes, just yes. I did a fixed version like that as well, but your moc was well build to keep Pohatu's full integrity. Well done.

That should of been the actual figure.

Well, with less parts of course.

the only Toa of Stone that should've not used brown is Hewkii, who it worked for,

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slow clap well done love the revamp the arm grebles are super impressive i cant wait for more!

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you fixed it!

Very nice.
Now do the rest.


The waist...
It looks so awkward

I love it! Although, I've never really been a fan of regular Lego System on Bionicle, this makes it look good!

This is really nice! The colourscheme, the details, and even the upside down torso works very well!

Though let's be real here, if Lego were to imitate your style, it would've probably ended up like this

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