Toa Nuva Revamps: Tahu and Kopaka

Here are Toa Nuva Revamps for Tahu and Kopaka. These are designed by the hugely talented @Bukkey , who is far better than I could ever be at building. He designed a Takanuva revamp, that, to me, perfectly embodied the Nuva design, whilst making it highly pose-able.

The Toa Nuva have always been my favourite Toa story wise, nostalgia wise, and aesthetic wise, whilst their design lacks a little. So these changes are just incredible, and make these toa as awesome as they are in the story.

I strayed very little from @Bukkey’s design, changing the orientation of arms, colour swapping, and changing the leg design just a little, which I preferred the look of, although it doesn’t necessarily make it better. I also designed a shield arm for Kopaka that keeps the aesthetic of the original, but has better articulation. The only downfall of the design is that, apart from Tahu, Kopaka, and Takanuva, to build the other four toa would require spray painting, and a couple of design changes (Onua would be a challenge to design, though I’m sure @Bukkey would be able to). They’re almost the same height as the original design, just a tiny bit taller.

Hope you enjoy!


I’m glad to you used my MOC’s structure! :blush: :blush: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:
And, the your arrangement are so good! I especially love the way you recreated the silhouette of Tahu’s muscular arms!


These are awesome, you replicated the design very well. :wink:

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@Bukkey Thanks so much!! It’s all down to you, your design is great! But yeah, I too especially like Tahu’s arms, it just worked well! It’s a shame that CCBS shell (3) doesn’t exist in Light Blueish Grey, cos it would have worked for Kopaka too. But also, the larger shell maybe shows how he needs more armour in the cold? I don’t know haha.

@Rukah Thanks so much man!


Awesome that you were able to keep it within the approximate height! Any plans for more of the Toa?

@Takutanuva Thanks man! Unfortunately, not at the moment :frowning: As I said, to use the same design would require a lot of spray painting, as a lot of these pieces do not exist in the correct colours for the other toa. Still, I haven’t written off the possibility, and maybe one day.