Toa Nuva Vakama (Toa Nuva Tahu Revamp)

I made Vakama in Toa Nuva Style. Hope you like it!
If The Toa Metru were Nuva, Vakama would have probably looked like this!

<imgrc="/uploads/db5640/original/4X/a/b/9/ab92215b7431720faeec47cc28fd97d548a7924a.jpg" width=“690” height=“387”>


This is a regular Toa Nuva with some replaced pieces.


Well… That was kinda the point…

Your point was kinda lazy.
You took off a few pieces from Tahu Nuva and added some from Vakama Metru.

No, I build al this from spare parts…

…using the Tahu Nuva skeleton.

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I agree with Vladin here. It’s just Tahu with Vakama parts.


I, on the other hand, disagree with Vladin. I understand his point, but like LegoDavid said, that is the whole point. All of the Nuva builds are practically the same, so if someone makes a MOC of one, comments about it being the same as other Nuva builds are kinda void in my opinion, especially seen as though he has used some different parts from Nuva builds entirely.


As much as I see your point being valid, there’s a question that needs to be asked: Why would anyone think that just making another Toa Nuva build based Moc with no practically modifications is a good idea?


I like it. Well, besides the glaring Mata red that would be inevitable.

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Because color-swaps can be fun. I for one have had a blast making pseudo-color-swap MOCs over past couple of years. MOC making shouldn’t be about who can make the biggest/most complex creation. LEGO is about creativity and creativity can come in a wide variety of forms. I firmly believe that MOCs like this have their place in the online BIONICLE community. Do they introduce revolutionary new building techniques? No, but that’s not the point. We should be a community that welcomes and accepts all MOCists who put time, effort and creativity into something.

Anyways, on to the actual MOC:

  • Great idea to use the CCBS shoulderpad shells in lieu of the Nuva/Metru shoulders. Their rounded shape complements the chest armor and mask nicely. However, have you considered swapping them out for the silver variant? That would make the color-blocking more reminiscent of the original Nuva (and would make the silver chest stick out less).
  • I like the use of the fire claw. However, if you’re trying to echo Vakama’s Metru form, why not give him a disc shooter? You could even use the smaller Matoran variant if you (understandably) don’t want to use the huge one from the original Vakama Metru set.
  • Those darn pre-06 chest pieces come in a really limited number of colors, don’t they? I totally understand your problem (I’ve experienced the same issue time and time again with my Toa Metru-style revamps). How about make the chest piece (and feet) black? That would make the whole MOC more cohesive.
  • How about swapping out the light grey back gear and head for black ones?
  • Do you have brain stalks in any other color? I recommend experimenting with with blue or green brain stalks. They would contrast more with the dark red (and therefor make the eyes “pop” more).
  • You wouldn’t happen to have Mata limbs in dark red, would you? I believe they would make better arms than the Metru lower legs you’re currently using (which feel a bit too beefy).
    *Finally, how about taking pictures of your updated MOC in a pose (and with a background colour) reminiscent of the original 2004 canister?

Feel free to @ me @LegoDavid if you decide to make these changes, I’d love to see 'em.

Have a good one,

Dan “legomaster1378” Savard
Former TTV Message Boards Moderator


What is creative in swapping some pieces from an original set?

There you go.

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I might be wrong, who knows, but I believe this is called “revamping”

A revamp is when you make a brand new version of an already existing character.

I don’t know… But I feel that this is exactly what I did with this MOC…

A brand new version of an already existing character.
You took the Nuva skeleton, added a few more pieces and done! Moc!

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Yes, that was actually the original plan, but I only had one of those pieces in light grey, which was not enough, so I used those new pieces.

I don’t have that piece unfortunately.

I will do this for sure! Thanks!

I only have them in Yellow and Red

Sadly, I don’t. This were the only pieces in metru red I could use as arms, so I used those.[quote=“legomaster1378, post:12, topic:47669”]
Finally, how about taking pictures of your updated MOC in a pose (and with a background colour)

Sure, I can do this, but since there is nothing major I am able to change at this MOC, I don’t know if it’s worth…

Thanks for your advices anyway! They really helped me!

EDIT: My brother just destroyed the MOC to use the parts for his own MOC… I won’t be able to make those updates anymore… Thanks for your help anyway.

@Toa_Vladin If you don’t like the MOC, then don’t like it. It’s your opinion. It’s completely unnecessary to argue about this.

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But I also have the rights to express why I don’t like it.


That is true, but you already expressed that in your first post.