Toa of air moc

I usually look at other builds, but decided to share one of my own(I am Not a good builder), but I haven’t decided what to name him, so feel free to list below :slight_smile: (also, I happened to have a vahki lying around and didn’t need him so…)



Without flight gear:

If you have any ideas to improve, I’d like to see them.


The flight gear is a neat concept and I like how you integrated the gear function. That being said, it could use some armor. Also, I think there’s a few too many colors, maybe drop the white, yellow, or dark gold. Other than that, solid moc


Ok thanks

his spindly mechanical look is cool but I feel like he could benefit from some color scheme cleanups.

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I think your flight pack is really cool!

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Sorry if the color scheme is bad, I was working with limited pieces when I built this, but I fixed it today, and here is a size comparison.

Also, my 6 year old brother wanted me to upload this build he made:image|666x500

Sorry if the picture my brother made did not load, so here is another picture:


Pretty good color consistency for a 6 year old.

( I know for a fact my MOCs looked nowhere near this consistent at that age.)

Here is a revamp of the toa of air moc:

Does anyone have a name for this moc???

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One sec I can create one in like three seconds

So I say we take the first part, tangata.

And there we go a “completely original” name!

lil fun fact upon popping the name into google translate we get “people”

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Ok… :\