Toa Of Air Skyress

So I have decided to not add in more then power, element, and personality for every new moc I post sins I am a story writer and some of what I posted before have been small spoilers for my characters and where the story for each of them where going so I have decided to not post more then this information I do plan to post the pro log here later on though do not know what topic I can post it in, also will not post the pro log until after I'm done with chapter 6 of the story because by then I should be at the middle of the story of volume one of my original fan story Bionicle legends of Toa Toras (still working on the name).

Name: Skyress
Element: Wind
Home Village: LeTora

Mask Powers: substitute, thanks to her mask powers she is able to create a small numbers of copy's of herself that she can use to take damage instead of her.

Weapon: Wind Konai

Personality: Skyress is a loyal but rash Toa always trowing herself into danger trying to deal with any problem on her own to keep her fellow Toa safe

(Back Picture)

(From Above)

(Planning of making upgrade's to her when I get the money)


The skirt doesn't work too well on this moc and the back is somewhat exposed.
The weapons is interesting but not too clear from the images.

Meent to be a ninja, thats why she has an exposed back sins most ninjas don't where any armor in order to move around faster, (thought it was clear sins she has a Kunai as a weapon

The waist gets way too thin and too big too quickly.
The skirt looks okay, but it could be done a lot better,(if you've got a few spare technic parts I could show you a design I made for a skirt using those parts but never used. But its made for a custom torso so I don't know how well it'd work.)
There should be some green in the legs, currently it just vanishes after the waist.
and IDK I'm not really feeling the gold and silver for the colors, I like the gold and green, but thats just me.

I like the concept and character, but she could use some refinement.

Also that pokemon sun and moon stuff in the back makes me jelly :stuck_out_tongue:

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Love the colour scheme and the weapon. Skyress's hands look a out of place, I would switch it with grey or gold. However, the hands look alright when holding the Wind Konai, I think because of the black in the weapon. Don't know if you play Overwatch but Skyress reminds me of Orisa and not just because of the colour scheme.

Overall pretty solid moc. Also have to add I love the name LeTora for her home village. That's a great Bionicle-like name that's very original.

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The name Le-Tora came from the idea of wanting to use the word Tora that means Tiger in Japanese and so the God/spirit that there village's are named after is called Tora-Nui the spirit of creation, Tora-Nui is one of 4 spirit's in my story.

And for Overwatch no I don't play it, though I do know of it and I also like the characters design in it. (Also for those who hasn't catch up to it yet the name Skyress come from the Bakugan cartoon/anime series)

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