Toa of Cake

He is here, to give you a piece of him.


the caption is funny but the moc is :confused: a little bland

Zero out of Ten
no Lies

The bottom of the cake is yellowing…


Is that Bohork headplate a spoon?

I couldn’t make it out first. Once it came into focus, though, it’s a pretty consistent build.

Well, it’s certainly cake alright.

(Looks half-baked)

Interesting build, very quirky. :slight_smile:

The design looks pretty basic, but the colours are pretty well done.

All of the red and orange doesn’t give me a "cake’ feel. That’s probably only thing I can judge about the MOC. (poorly, I mean)

Man, now I want cake.

Also, I like the custom aromor shell you used. how did you make it?

I was rushed, could have made it better, but I trace the piece on an envelope, colored in the red dots, and ripped it out carefully. I would not suggest this, but I attached this with chap stick.