Toa of Gravity Amethyst

Like her fellow Bushido Students Amethyst was followed by a light beem and teleported into a cave where she could see a golden great Kanohi mask floating in the air and a voice telling her she was to fight a great evil, revive the spirite of light Pandora and protect the six who one day will join her in the battle against a great Darkness.

Her main weapon is a giant gravity sword, thanks to her elemtal power over gravity she is able to use the heavy sword with out any restriktions and Amethyst also where’s the mask of Pressure, with it Amethyst can change how she is seen by outhers and for intimidation.

Amethyst may not be one of the taller of the Toa but she still packs a mean punch.
On her right arm is a guard as she normally dont bother guarding the arm she holds her sword in.

Personallity wise Amethyst is quick to be recleas as she is rather over confident thanks to her elemental and mask powers as well for her gravity heavy sword, and is offten seen being out numberd by enemys, though this do not stop her and she often by luck either get saved by friends or defent the enemy’s surounding her.

Even though she is a female she is rather boyish in her way of living and fighting stile, Amethyst is also one of the youngest Toa members just a bit older compared to the Toa of Air Skyress.


Nothing to write a home about to be honest. The MOC itself is mediocre at best and really bad at worst.
The proportions are horrible, especially the Torso.
The weapon is alright but not too great either.
Color-scheme is decent tho Purple would be better as primary color.
Parts usage is pretty well done.
Backstory is generic to the bone and your English skills are really minor.

Changing these factors would make it an acceptable MOC - but alas, for now it is 3/10


Gotta say, this looks awkward entirely.
Legs look weird, arms are pushed out to far and are too big for the build, and the torso doesn’t look to great either.
The weapon is ok I guess.



Really? You don’t know how to spell “restrictions?” So many web browsers have spell check you know. Please learn how to write with proper grammar and syntax.

Ok, now onto the MOC. It looks alright but resembles 2015 Onua too much, even going down to the basic color scheme. I’m not going to say “make it look like a female” because a lot of good female Bionicle sets don’t really look female to begin with. You can at least thin out the shoulders and add more purple, since her name is “Amethyst.”

The grammar is worse than the MOC though.


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My spell check program is installed for Swedish so thats the problem on that part, and yes I do know I dont have a great Writting grammer my spoken world is 100% time’s better.


Would it be rude to say I’m surprised Her name is spelled right?

I’m not going to complain about the backstory since if anyone here has seen my Mocs stories aren’t my best area. I will complain about her build though;

  1. She doesn’t really look female. I’m not saying to build her “Toa of red pins” style but maybe make her thinner / smaller than a male body.
  2. I’m seeing onua. With the black, purple, and gold she looks more like onua with a sword than a moc / oc.
  3. The General poportions are wrong with areas clashing with being too small or too big.

Must…resist…steven universe joke…


Mmm, I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but the proportions here are pretty bad. I think narrowing the shoulders sould help A LOT. The custom armor (on the thighs and arms) sticks out quite a bit. I personally am not seeing much of an Onua resemblance, but I definitely think you should change the mask. I would also recommend sticking to one metallic color, because the silver and the gold look messy.

However, don’t let my criticism deter you from making more MoCs. Our critique is here to help you, not make you feel bad. Keep experimenting with parts, and honing your MoCing skills!

I’m not a fan of the design of the arms, as well as the distribution of the gold, because there isn’t any on the lower legs. But other than, that, this MOC is pretty good.

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I wonder if there is gonna be Toa Pearl, Garnet, Peridot and Lapis too.

Not to mention Yellow Makuta, Blue Makuta and others…


Those are some wide shoulders…

On that point, just try not to use Nuva shoulder armor as breasts/buttocks while you can. There are other ways of portraying femininity other than those two options. Unless you can make it look good that is, but most people just tend to slap them on (yes I was guilty of this recently too).

Nothing to special, but I like it. It also has a pretty nice axe.

check out my other Female mocs, Spritite of Light Pandora and the Bushido/Warrior of water as well as the Bushido/Warrior of light

Check out my other Moc’s my plan was to make every Toa and Spirite look diffrent from each other and also try and not make them look to mutch like the original release sets.

No there will not be any of that kind of Toa, I ran out of idea’s for name’s that could work for a female character who use gravity as her element and had this color sceem so I desided to use Amethyst name as it was the only name I could come up with.


It was a Steven Universe joke.


So one’s again I cant edit my own post so this is the next best thing, I have made mayor upgrade’s to this moc and will be posting them in the ner furute in it’s own Post, just going to copy and pass the text from this post to the new one + some (thanks to all the complaning) needed grammer checking.