toa of magnetism WIP Torso

hi this is the torso for what ia am hoping will become my self moc pleas leave comments below telling me what you think also i could use some tips on custom limbs



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This is a really cool torso, but depending on how you finish the limbs, I think it could look a little disproportionate. Either the hips are a little wide, or the shoulder should be wider, but I feel there should be more of a difference in width between the shoulders and hips. However, depending on how you make the limbs, it could look fine.

Custom limbs can be tricky if you are working with this small of a MOC. I find that this part is useful for custom limbs, if you have any of this part. There are countless ways to make custom limbs, though. Taking inspiration from the MOCs of others is a great way to learn new building techniques that you can use on your own MOCs.

Does this thing have waist articulation? Also, my self moc also has a custom torso, but it doesn’t look nearly as good as this. I’m never going to take apart my self moc, but can I take some cues from this torso design for my future mocs with custom torsos? sorry if the previous sentence doesn’t make sense, I literally just had my morning coffee

I feel like the exposed red and blue take away a bit from the torso but still a great start. I’m not really sure what kind of stature the figure will have so you could cover up the blue pins on the front with something, possibly attached via 1/2 length axle bits that are connected to the hand piece in the middle.

As far as custom limbs, try copying other people’s techniques. If there’s a cool usage of a part that someone’s used for a leg, take that idea and use it in something. That’s about as general as I can get on that really. Good luck with it.

sure also this is just with the peices i could find so i will eventually replace the blue and red pins and axles also i have updated it recently so i will try to post a picture soon also i am on vacation thats why its taking so long