Toa of Sand VS Toa of Earth

So we know that there could have been Toa of Sand which raises the question why Sand is even an element. After all what can a Toa of Sand control that a Toa of Earth can’t?

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Sand. A toa of earth can’t control sand thats the toa of stones job

This is just a slightly different version of the Stone vs. Earth debate, since sand, like rock, is more mineral-based, while earth is softer and whatnot. Greg’s given his own distinction here:

The better question would be whether there’s anything a Toa of Sand could do that a Toa of Stone couldn’t, since sand is basically just tiny rocks.

And Greg’s answer to that is basically “Toa of Stone can’t control sand because kids are stupid”.

I’d say it’s similar to how Rahi Control and Insect Control are separate powers even though insects are just small Rahi.


I see, thanks for the elaboration and quotes. I must admit I wasn’t fully aware that Toa of Stone could control Sand because of the reason that the latter are just very small stones so I guess Greg’s answer makes kind of sense. I guess the only ones capable of controlling sand are Toa of Stone (unofficially?) and Toa of Sand. Although I still wonder how Onua was able to create an explosion of mud (as mud = water + sand right?).

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According to the german wikipedia site (as I can’t find the English one) mud can also be wet dirt. And dirt is part of what Toa of earth can control.

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They can’t.

In the quotes I provided above, Greg says that he made the decision to not let Toa of Stone control sand because it would be too confusing for young readers.

I’ve always considered mud to be water + dirt.


I want a Toa of Slush now. Kinda melted ice y’know? Different than Ice and Water.




A Toa of Sand is different from a Toa of Earth in that he would have control over that which is corse, rough, irritating, and gets everywhere;- whereas a Toa of Earth has control over that which would grant him a quite likely unbeatable advantage in battle should he stand on an elevated mound of it.

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However, a Toa of Stone and a Toa of Sand both control rocks in some capacity, and because there are now two such Toa, we can safely declare that this is getting out of hand.

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This is the most elaborate meme reference I have ever seen and I applaud you for it.