Toa of Time V2

Version 1:

Version 2:

Was going for an other-worldly angelic look. Hence the wings and strange legs.

And yes I know, he doesn’t have the real Vahi, uses golden nuva armor as placeholder (for now)

Has some trouble balancing due to leg design, but can pull off decent poses if done right

Wings can become extra arms as giant two-pronged claws.

@Nyran shot. Has a head on his back to represent that he’s a fusion of two beings.

Wields a small shield w/ dagger, and an uber-powerful time-bending staff of time (though he has trouble controlling it).

Please comment, critique, complain n’ such :smile:


I suggest trying to fix the arms And the Legs due to they have moulded Elbows and knees already and the legs make it look like a Draeni
and also try and buy a Kanohi Vahi online

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toa of paradoxes* ;p

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Edit: Added Chima minifig armor on staff so it doesn’t look as bland



Not bad! Not bad at all. I quite like the legs, and the weaponry is decent. Not a fan of the wings, though, and it definitely would look better with the actual Vahi, but all things considered you did a pretty good job. I especially like the chest armour; the clockwork design is incredibly fitting.

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It’s better than the last one, but it should lose the bird legs.

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Well it’s… unique… it defenitely has the feeling of the MOC’s of the old contests Greg and so on have done for giving canon characters a face.

Does that make sense ? xD

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  • The back was filled up well
  • Color Scheme is decent
  • Seems pretty unarticulant
  • The wings look a bit strange
  • Spike on the back of the head looks strange
  • Legs are a bit too open
  • Feet are a bit bland
  • Weaponry is strange
  • Hips stick a bit too far out
  • The spikes on the upper arms look strange
  • High Heels?

I would give this MOC a 3/10.
He just looks really strange. I do think that it has a chance for it to be spectacular, but at the moment, not so much.

Needs Alot of Work :grimacing:

I’m Sorry if my criticism is to rude/mean/nitpicky

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I love the look of this moc, at first glance, it looks a lot different than other mocs-less generic. Looks like something out of Doctor who or similar.

The legs look odd, but honestly, there aren’t a whole lot other parts in sand blue, and since you’re going for an ‘outworldly’ look-it would be right to look different than your average Toa.

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Yeah, that makes sense. Like the Dark hunters contest

That’s what I wanted to hear! :smile:

Not really…the arms are attached via the smallest CCBS length and allow for good shoulder articulation, so that makes up for the lack of elbows.

For support. :grin:

Strange as in alien or as in terribad? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the feedback, I always work to improve. :smile:

It aint sand blue, it’s medium sky blue. Thanks anyways!

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medium sky blue

I’m colourblind. nuuuu

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Only thing that seems off to me is the mask - feel it would work better with a Vahi.

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I really like the use of the Nuva armor as a Vahi replacement. Very creative. :thumbsup:


Mini Update:

  • Took off the silly spikes on his arms and gave him longer, angled spikes on his shoulders

  • Took off the CCBS shoulders and just made his inner chest wider (before it stressed the torso armor connection)

  • Replaced silver with gold on thighs and feet

  • Med grey to dark grey for the mctoran head

  • Added small spikes to his feet

Also, made his hips more constrained; making him a bit taller (this part took me the longest to fix)

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It looks a bit better. :wink:

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[Rage Intensifies]

you know, if you were to swap the blue for tan I think it would look better.

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Fix the two flaws
It was also the first comment on this post

I would kill for a Vahi at this point