Toa of Time v3

Note: I do not own a Vahi, nor do I plan on getting one.

The old dark gold wouldn't go well with the warm gold anyway

After much reconstruction, he's back! Simple yet effective build IMO.

Wings can be folded back when fighting hand-to-hand with his arch-nemesis; Lehvak-Kal back from space!

Lehvak-Kal: Uxar called! He wants his wings back!
Toa of Time: He'll have to pry them off my back if he want's 'em


You still have not fix some of the more disturbing problems

Such as the legs and the mask

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Best version so far, although the arms and staff still leave something to be desired. Are you putting steroid Lehvak up soon?

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Pretty convincing ghetto Vahi!

Nothing about him really screams "time" to me, though. But then again, what would, a giant hourglass?

The build is sort of questionable, he can't more his arms and his legs are awkward looking...

Wins and torso look pretty good, though.


I think that it looks great and a great improvisation on the parts you don't have. But the white rubber band is an eye soar. I recommend coloring it in with a gold sharpie or something

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The purist in me says no besides I dun have one :stuck_out_tongue:

Might add in more white to balance it out though

Well thats a better idea for a purist

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I really like him, man. Nice Job! :smile:

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the rubber band is distracting, but if you call it the Rubber Band of Time everything'll be ok

i never thought of blue as a color of time, but then again not many people can actually see time so... it works fine.


Hm... Very interesting.